Phantasm roleplaying convention

Brawl in the Hall

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  • Army lists must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the event, army lists submitted on the day of the event, that are in error will be docked 3 points from their day’s score.
  • Army lists must be made using Battle Scribe. If there is a problem you anticipate with your list please let me know ahead of time. I review the files to see if it has flagged your list with any errors. Once you have made your list send the file to
  • Missions will be:
    • Vital Intelligence - Eternal War (Page 48)
    • Decapitation Strike - Maelstrom of War (Page 55)
    • Supplies from Above - Eternal War (Page 52)

Army Limitations

  • No limitations on the number of detachments
  • At our double events no may be 18 Power or above. At our Singles event one Super Heavy Vehicles or Gargantuan Creature model is allowed per army.
  • All models must be WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) So the wargear that your model uses must be on the model
  • If you want to use a “Counts As” models, contact us ahead of time. They will be reviewed on case-by-case bases. This is primarily not an issue if there is no Games Workshop model for that unit. However if there is a Games Workshop model for the unit we’d prefer you use it, if you’d like to do otherwise message us. We are pretty open to sweet looking models
  • Armies must be Battle-forged
  • Warhammer 40k is a rapidly evolving game. At Brawl in the hall we allow codex, supplements, data slates, Forge World and other rules sources. The only limitation we place is that you must be able to currently purchase those rules from Games Workshop/ Forge World in order to use those rules at Brawl in the Hall.
  • A rule set for a unit must be at least 30 days old before being allowed into Brawl in the Hall.
  • For our doubles events, you and your partner's army may not interact in any way. The best way to view this is to consider each others army a "Allies of Conveniences".


  • Door Prizes, commonly include pizza & miniature gift certificates, miniatures, and modeling supplies, and we make best efforts to get a fair number of these out.


  • GENERAL - Each round will be scored 2 pt – loss, 4 pt tie, 6 pt win along with three bonus battle points for the secondary objectives. So 9 points maximum per game.
    • 0 - some or all of the models do not have at least 3 colours on them
    • 1 - all models have at least three colours on them
    • 2 - models look very nice, including some of but not limited to: being based/ nice detail work/ blending/ highlighting/ conversions/ transfers etc."
  • SPORTSMANSHIP- Will be scored for points each game via 3 yes/ no questions:
    1. Did you enjoy playing them?
    2. Did you enjoy playing against their army?
    3. Were they transparent with the special rules for their army, so you weren’t blind-sided or surprised?
  • Please note that this system allows a player to ding you a point if they did not fun playing your army, I've only ever seen this done when someone brings a "Win at all Cost" or SPAM'ed list.
If a player consistently receives poor scores on Sportsmanship, Phantasm reserves the right to rescind their invitation to our future events.

What you need & can expect:

  • Aside from your army dice & three copies of your list for your opponents,
  • You need to know the official Games Workshop Eratta & FAQ for your army
  • We are using the Warhammer 40K, rulebook along with official GW Errata/ FAQ’s found at the GW Site. Rules that aren’t clearly addressed in the rules will be settled by our judges taking into account RAW (rules as written) as well as RAI (rules as intended). If there is something specific you are concerned about drop us a line
  • We aim to have large line of sight blocking terrain on most tables. That means it will be easy for your Land Raider to get a cover save on most tables and even a flyer on some tables. There will be roads on a number of tables. Most tables will be either urban or rural in nature. All terrain is fully painted.

Pre-register for the event by mailing your entry fee and army list to:

Brawl in the Hall
1028 Communication Road
Bridgenorth, Ontario
K0L 1H0

For those who don't want to mail their entry, there is now a Pay Pal option, please note you still need to e-mail your army list in using the contact info at the top of the page.